“No One Really Dies in a Game” Foglifter

“Ars Poetica” The Adroit Journal

“Hive” Best New Poets 2017 (previously appeared in Guernica)

“The Mother’s Body Must Be Cleaved in Two” Tinderbox

“Hive” Guernica

“Bacchae” and “And In This Way Everything Can Be Taken” Wildness



“Medusa Variations” Calamity

“Meditation on Aunt Shirley” The New Yorker


“Ferguson, Missouri” Louisiana Cultural Vistas

“Portrait: Milk and Lachrymator” Louisiana Cultural Vistas

“Purging” Academy of American Poets

“Porcine Self-Portrait” Tulane Review



“Anti-Adolescence” Tulane Review

“Notes on a Garden Reading” Tulane Review

“Resurrection Myth” The Killer Whale Journal

“Venus with Biographer” The Killer Whale Journal



“Louis Congo to a Man on the Wheel” Poet Lore

“Louis Congo in Love” Poet Lore

“Louis Congo’s Bride” Poet Lore

“Louis Congo’s Wife” Poet Lore

“The Passion of Louis Congo” Poet Lore

“On Sweets” Poet Lore

“To the French Men” Poet Lore

“Stackolina” Poet Lore

“Stackolina’s First Communion” Poet Lore